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About Kia Kaha

Hi, I’m Lucy from Kia Kaha masks. I’m a Londoner with Kiwi roots.

I started making masks when lockdown hit.  With my usual work on hold I needed to find something to occupy me.  I love painting and textiles, so with mask making I could do something that combined the sewing and design skills I learnt from my mum (hat maker Bridget Armstrong) with the printing techniques I picked up at art school.  The process of hand printing and sewing helped me reach some sort of calm in these challenging times with so many people struggling and dealing with loss.

That’s when Kia Kaha was born.  Kia Kaha means ‘Stay Strong’ in Maori.

In the summer I started selling the masks at Merton Abbey Mills market, a craft market that’s been running for 26 years now in South Wimbledon.  The Market is set in the grounds of a former textile factory and the river Wandle runs alongside providing the power for the original water mills.  The textile factory had a long association with Liberty and Co fabrics so it’s the perfect location for someone with a love of textiles and design.  Merton Abbey Mills became the space for my business and an opportunity to find a community again in what felt a Covid safe environment.

Kia Kaha Masks are all hand made from 100% cotton. Double layered, with an integrated pocket for an extra filter if required, they are washable, comfortable and breathable. The elastic ear loops can be tied and trimmed for comfort.

Masks come in 3 sizes. The medium size is suitable for most women, the small size is for older children or for women with smaller faces, and large is for men.

Choose from my hand printed designs on plain cotton or stylish patterned fabric.

Kia Kaha – stay strong x

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